Recent Tutorials

This weeks tutorials is a lovely image of a woman walking her two dogs on a beach. Its's a great tutorial for beginners as it uses simple lines and shapes to create the effect of the sea and horizon. There is a lot of wet into wet and using the brush lightly to create the wash over the sky and water.  We can get stuck in and really enjoy this one !

This tutorial is a lovely image of two musicians in a market square somewhere in sunny Spain. In the painting there is lots of wet into wet, lots of dry brush technique and also the importance of leaving the white of the paper for the highlights. It's all about brush control, water control and lots of colour. Plenty to get stuck into!

This tutorial is painted from a photograph I took during a visit to the US last year and my first baseball game at the Busch Stadium in St. Louis. It was the St. Louis Cardinals vs the Pittsburgh Pirates. We capture the moment John Jaso hits a home run - full of action and movement and a great subject to paint.

This is a totally different subject for me, it's a night scene in a dimly lit, smoky jazz club, with some great atmosphere. We tackle this one with my usual triad of three colours, and as always the drawing is supplied for you so we can get painting straight away. You're going to need a lot of paint for this one so let's get painting!

This tutorial is a lovely image of two kids playing with a bucket and spade on the beach. A great painting for those of you who like to paint people but don't enjoy painting faces as there is very little detail. This is a tutorial we can all have a go at with confidence.

Hi all, this short painting uses a slightly different technique; working wet onto dry for the first wash, and then working wet onto wet in some of the shadow areas. It is a lovely little painting to do and I hope you are going to enjoy painting along with me.

This tutorial is a lovely image of a rower on the River Thames. Some great early morning light creates some fantastic reflections on the water surface. This is a relatively simple painting but the reflections and capturing movement create some interesting challenges.

This is a short study of a man sleeping in a chair that I would like you to paint again and again to practice your different techniques - brush control, pigment control, wet into wet, dry brush and mark making. This is the type of study you can do when you have a spare half hour, so come on pick up your brush and let's get painting!

This week's tutorial is a young girl pushing a bike celebrating the 4th of July - US Independence Day. There is a lovely field of daisies, lots of nice glows and lots of nice white highlights, combined with the warm yellow sunshine and vibrant reds and greens. This is a great subject so come on and let's get started.

This weeks project features a group of kids playing football on a hot day in a city location, most likely in southern Spain, Portugal or Brazil. What attracted me to this scene was the vibrant colours, strong crisp shadows, high contrast and sense of movement coming from the kids.

Hello everyone and welcome back to my studio. In this tutorial we're going to be painting a beautiful Thai woman, wearing a traditional Thai hat. There is some lovely light and colours in this picture and it is the first real full portrait that we have tackled so it is a great opportunity and challenge for you to get stuck into! Below is a short preview of the full tutorial that can be watched with our monthly and annual memberships. Join now to watch in full.

Hello everyone, here we have a painting tutorial that is jam packed with loads for you to get stuck into! The horses riding at full gallop provide loads of movement for you to capture and the exciting, vibrant colours really bring this race to life. So let's get started!

Here we have a painting of a Cowboy rounding up cattle. This scene has beautiful natural sunlight creating lots of lovely warm tones and shadows. Not too much detail in the background allows us to focus on the Cowboy, the horse and the movement in the cattle. I'm sure you will enjoy this one.

This is a beautiful little image of 4 or 5 guys pulling in their fishing nets. Not too much detail in this one but a lot of atmosphere, with vibrant colours and the almost silhouetted figures on this panoramic view.

This week we have a wonderful study of a lighthouse. Using a simple palette of three colours I show you how to get that lovely big sky, nice looking water, waves crashing against the rocks and a simple study of the lighthouse. You will really enjoy this one!

Here’s a familiar sight for anyone mainly in Australia and the USA. A lovely loose piece with the challenge of painting rushing water. Let’s get stuck in!

Today were doing a study page on an iconic building in Lytham St Annes in the UK. This building is just a few miles from me and is a landmark that signifies the start of the beachfront in Lytham. We’re painting some detail in the foreground here in the sails and building itself and have a nice colourful background to create using wet in wet techniques. Grab your one inch brush and let's get painting!

Venice is rich in interesting buildings and sights for any artist but none more-so than a gondola on the Venetian canals. This is a challenging subject to paint, we have water, buildings, people and reflections to consider but we will start with the background washes and move into the detail with our size 16 brush, let's get our brushes in hand and create something you’ll be proud to hang on your wall.

This is something a little different, I usually focus on people about their everyday lives, but couldn’t resist this image of a fantastic rusty old car sat abandoned in the southern USA.

This is an interesting night scene, probably in Prague. It’s darker than my usual paintings, and we’re going to use the colours to mix some interesting shades and create a warm feel at the focal point of the painting. I want to create feel of a balmy evening and bring the street vendors’ stall to life.

This is a really fun piece to paint, creating the feeling of movement within a painting.

We will start with a background wash using wet in wet to build a nice blurry feel, creating that lovely out of focus feel so that the hero of the painting stands out.

This is a great painting to try if you want to paint something with a little “action”.

We will create a feeling of pace and power for the horse using various shades of golds, reds and blues. This give us a real sense that were in the heart of the action.