Recent Tutorials

Venice is rich in interesting buildings and sights for any artist but none more-so than a gondola on the Venetian canals. This is a challenging subject to paint, we have water, buildings, people and reflections to consider but we will start with the background washes and move into the detail with our size 16 brush, let's get our brushes in hand and create something you’ll be proud to hang on your wall.

This is something a little different, I usually focus on people about their everyday lives, but couldn’t resist this image of a fantastic rusty old car sat abandoned in the southern USA.

This is an interesting night scene, probably in Prague. It’s darker than my usual paintings, and we’re going to use the colours to mix some interesting shades and create a warm feel at the focal point of the painting. I want to create feel of a balmy evening and bring the street vendors’ stall to life.

This is a really fun piece to paint, creating the feeling of movement within a painting.

We will start with a background wash using wet in wet to build a nice blurry feel, creating that lovely out of focus feel so that the hero of the painting stands out.

This is a great painting to try if you want to paint something with a little “action”.

We will create a feeling of pace and power for the horse using various shades of golds, reds and blues. This give us a real sense that were in the heart of the action.