Street Life at Night - Preview

This is an interesting night scene, probably in Prague. It’s darker than my usual paintings, and we’re going to use the colours to mix some interesting shades and create a warm feel at the focal point of the painting. I want to create feel of a balmy evening and bring the street vendors’ stall to life.

We will only be using five colours, but mixing them together to create a nice flow of paint using wet techniques. This helps create lovely soft edges where needed. We will then add wet onto dry to create more details and sharper edges for the focal point of the painting using darker, more intense mixes of those five colours.

I always love painting real life situations, and here we have some great reflections from the street lighting to work with. This is great for beginners and experienced artists and I love the final painting because we’ve all had similar photos from holidays and the techniques can all be applied to a similar photo of your own.

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